Linda s travel shares Ecuador Adventures on Around the World TV

Linda takes you from an eco-lodge in the Amazon basin to horse trek from hacienda to hacienda on the Inca Trail!  

She is a regular guest on this award winning travel show hosted by Arthur von Wiesenberger.


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 As an adventure travel writer I offer you a host of articles on my website detailing journeys you may want to take for yourself. In my books, I share my most memorable and meaningful journeys that for many fall into the category of armchair travel. 

In this interview with Anda Gaffy I share what got me started and what my focus is today.

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Lost Angel Walkabout by Linda Ballou takes the reader out of their armchair and into the vast world as few travel writers can. Her eye for detail combined with intimate knowledge of her surroundings sets Ms. Ballou heads above most of the travel writing pack. In this age when everyone with a back pack proclaims him or herself a travel writer it takes a book like this one to re-define the genre. The stories are personal and inviting, giving the reader not only a feeling of participation but leaving them with a memory of where they have just visited. This is just plain great travel writing. 

James Dorsey-Baboons for Lunch and other Sordid Tales

There is no other way to say it; Linda Ballou is an OUTSTANDING writer and an incredibly dynamic individual! Lost Angel Walkabout is about as captivating a collection of travel tales as one could hope to read. .  Amazon Reviewer

How To Make Travel Writing Work for You

 Purchase Lost Angel Walkabout on my site and I will gift you my kindle handbook How to Make Travel Writing Work for You 

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