Whet Your Wanderlust with Travel Adventures

Whet Your Wanderlust with Travel Adventures

Whet Your Wanderlust with Travel AdventuresWhet Your Wanderlust with Travel AdventuresWhet Your Wanderlust with Travel Adventures

About LInda Ballou's Books

Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler's Tales
Spirited collection of travel essays !

Hold on Tight

Fast Track to Adventures

California Dreaming

 Awaken your senses with the thrilling travel adventures of an intrepid soul’s search for beauty in the wilds . From Alaska to New Zealand and a lot of North America in between. This is the first book in the Lost Angel trilogy.

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California Dreaming

Fast Track to Adventures

California Dreaming

32- Day trips from  Malibu to Mendocino on the California . Coast in print and e-book format. In the Amazon  Kindle  store. There is a free app for your phone that provides live links to trailheads and restaurants. Also, available in paperback travel travel books travel adventures 

Learn the renegade way to your dream destinations. Linda provides the fast track to wonderful travel

Fast Track to Adventures

Fast Track to Adventures

Fast Track to Adventures

Linda shares the renegade way to get to your dream destinations in her handbook Get Great Trips Free. Get past the gatekeepers. Position yourself to succeed. Availabe in Amazon kindle store

The secret to youth is to fill your mind with beauty. I plan to live forever!! Cheers, Linda

About Author Linda Ballou


A love triangle of extremes has proven to be a solid base for adventure-travel writer Linda Ballou’s writing. From her roots in Alaska she received strength, centeredness and respect for the awful power of nature. While living in Hawaii, she found nurturing, a spiritual awakening, peace and her heroine for her acclaimed historical novel, Wai-nani—A Voice from old Hawaii

Her second novel, The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon, takes Gemcie McCauly from the Grand Prix show jumping circuit to the John Muir Wilderness and back again. Join her on a wild ride on her way to World Cup.

In Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler’s Tales filled with chills, spills, and giggles Linda shares her most meaningful travel adventures. You may go to her website wwwlindaballouauthor.com to view a host of article sand blog posts 

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On the Marine Highway in the Inside Passage of Alaska

Where it Began

While growing up in Alaska, I became centered in nature and developed a taste for  outdoor adventure! I share  my most  meaningful travel adventures in my travel books and articles


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Check out my articles and essays about journeys aroud the globe that I have enjoyed. 

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